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Local (CA only)

Flat rates for sedan or stretch limo service between two points within the State of California, traveling the most direct route with no stops.

Extended (Anywhere U.S.A.)

Call toll free 1-888-699-5466 to get a quote.


Service fee and stops for fuel only.

Not Included:

Tolls, parking, airport fee, extra stops, wait time, meals and room for driver, driver gratuity fee, dead head time/distance factors.


Driver must get regular breaks of 15 min. after two hours of steady drive time, and every 1.5 hours thereafter until the 14th hour. At this point, a minimum of six hours of sleep time, in a bed, is mandatory. Sleep time will not be charged, but the room and all meals will be charged. These factors also apply for dead head/returns to home base.


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